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Logistic Management & Warehouse Management

AGV Trolley Track Guidance Management

With the manufacturing level and increasing customer demand, a variety of logistics systems are facing many challenges, such as how to improve the efficiency of the logistics system turnover, reduce labor costs? How to improve the technical and accuracy of logistics and transport? How to quickly complete the heavy cargo picking function and so on? In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to optimize the logistics system from the system point of view. Advanced logistics scheduling and optimization algorithms are needed to improve the overall logistics efficiency.

Logistics scheduling and optimization algorithm are the core of the whole intelligent warehouse system. It involves the inherent storage mode, work flow, automation equipment and operation management software system. Through the generalized model and the customized interface system, making mobile robot as the interface, could effectively connecting logistics personnel, automation equipment and logistics management software, in order to achieve the overall logistics scheduling and optimization system.

Through the AGV RFID reader to guide the AGV Robot node selection, making the AGV Reader more intelligent and automated.

1. Compact intelligent AGV reader;

2. IP65 industrial design;

3. Impact resistance, anti-corrosion, suitable for harsh working environment;

4. Support RS485 bus, network convenience;

Warehouse Management

Currently the RFID technology brings a huge change in the field of supply chain, with the advanges of the identify distance, Reading efficiency, not easy to damage, large capacity, and some other advantages the bar code can not match such as simplifying complex work processes, improve supply chain efficiency and transparency.

RFID warehouse management system is applied the RFID technology in the existing warehouse management system. The RFID system can automaticly collect the data since the goods arrival inspection, storage, a library, transfer, transfer library shift, inventory and other operational aspects of the data. The RFID system can guarantee Warehouse management of all aspects of data input speed and accuracy to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate grasp of the real inventory data, reasonable to maintain and control corporate inventory.

Through scientific coding, can easy to batch of items, shelf life, etc. to manage. The use of the system location management capabilities, but also to grasp all the current inventory of goods where the current position is conducive to improving production efficiency and reduce operating costs for enterprises is essential.

System Features

The system automatically changes the status of the storage and delivery operations, without human intervention, real-time updates to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate inventory of real data,

Remote reading and writing makes inventory, find the goods faster, more efficient;

Fully automated to bring more precise and optimal management, automatic alarm can be achieved, automatic management of goods batches, shelf life, give priority to a longer storage period of the product out of the library and other intelligent features;

Warehousing management of the fully automated, intelligent, real-time data update, making more collaborative management for the library more efficient and accurate;

Supply chain management, warehousing logistics management, channel sales management, product security to the integration of RFID technology, the implementation of orders, supply cycle, quality, processing, logistics, warehousing, sales, anti-counterfeiting and other enterprises operating the whole process integration Control, real-time, efficient, high precision, faster response time, lower error rate, lower inventory, drive enterprise experience management level of comprehensive promotion.