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HF RFID 13.56MHz Module ISO14443A W-1530

Power Supply User Environment
Operate voltage DC 5V Operating Temp. -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Working current 100mA Storage Temp. -30 ℃ to 70℃
Stand-by current 40mA Humidity 5-90% non-condensing (+25° C )
RFID parameters Physical parameters
Frequency Dimensions 60(L)*40(W)mm
13.56MHz Net weight Around 12g
ISO 14443A, Mifare1 IC card Interface
Reading distance 5V Module 5V power input
0-3cm (relate to tag and enviroment) TX1 Module serial port TX output (3.3V TTL level)
Communication interface RX1 Module serial port RX input (3.3V TTL level)
UART 3.3V TTL signal interface GND Module GND
RS32 baud rate
115200 bps noparity,8 data bits,1 stop bit




W-1530 is a professional-grade,high-performance HF integrated module.The module is designed and developed based on the ISO14443A protocol.It adopts the integrated design of the module and antenna,which is convenient for users to integrate quickly. The module supports Mifare 1 IC card and compatible ISO14443A protocol card operation.Identify the IC and read the specified data block. When the lC card is close to the antenna of the module,the module will read the specified data block.The module adopts UART 3.3VTTL signal interface,DCV power supply.

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