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UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader Writer W-6210

  • Antenna:3dBi circularly polarized antenna (built-in)
  • Peak Current: 60mh
  • Air Protocol: EPC global Gen2(ISO18000-6C)
  • Working frequency:865-868 / 920-925 / 902-928 MHz ( custom-design for frequency band )
  • RF power: 0~18 dBm(±1dBm) (adjustable)
  • Reading distance: Up to 80cm(relate to tag and environment)
  • Operating Temp:-40 ℃ to 75 ℃
  • Storage Temp: -45 ℃ to 85℃
  • Humidity:5-90% non-condensing (+25° C )
  • SDK (download link): C# , Java , C++
  • Read mode : Read once, continuous reading; KB port output
  • Batch rewrite tags: Support
  • Tag lock and unlock: Support
  • Tag destroy:Support
  • Tag authorization: Support


W-6210 UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader Writer is Double USB Communication Interface,the input of serial port on the left,the output of keyboard on the right.It support USB cable firmware upgrade and hex, ASCII, Wiegand 26,34 etc format output (can be customized ),also support continuously write tags and export/import excel file and support batch card writing ( EPC, User, password)

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