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Asset RFID Management System & Environmental Sanitation Vehicles Management

Asset RFID Management System

System overview

Currently asset management is one of the major fields for the increase of RFID applications. The system mainly adopts the contactless RFID automatic identification technology, uses different RFID tags for different materials, and writes the use condition into the RFID tag. During the check on the asset, the handhold mobile RFID readers can be used to read the RFID tags, then connect with the central asset management system, realize the automatic, real time, highly efficient, precise asset use condition management on the asset increase, distribution, laying aside, disposal, etc. Thus asset use efficiency can be enhanced, and operation cost can be reduced accordingly.

System characteristics

The system can automatically gather the asset change information and send to the central data management system, avoid the mistakes caused by the manual way to record the asset information, ensuring the information authenticity and work efficiency enhancement.
The distribution and use status can be checked or accounted through the system visible operation interface.

The system has realized the management on the asset increase, distribution, laying aside, disposal, etc. Via the comprehensive monitoring and management on the suspending assets, assets under normal use, idle assets, maintenance assets, disposed assets, backup parts, etc., the use rate of the assets can be improved.
The real time data can be sent to the central data management system via WIFI, letting the asset managing personnel learn clearly about the asset use conditions in time, realizing the efficient oversee on the asset management and improving the work efficiency.

Environmental Sanitation Vehicles Management

 UHF RFID Reader for Environmental Sanitation Vehicles Manage

Nowadays, improved technologies are being utilized in streamlining the entire process of solid waste management. The introduction of RFID solutions in this process is one such innovative way. The utilization of RFID solutions has brought about spectacular changes in the entire solid waste management system. It has been identified as a powerful tool to facilitate the process of collection, disposal and recycling of solid wastes.

The management of solid waste is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. By solid waste we mean any garbage, refuse, sludge from any wastewater treatment plant or any kind of industrial waste. With the rapid increase in urbanization, the issue of management of solid waste is posing a serious threat. Also, the cost involved in this process is also very high. It is often observed that most of the time, importance is given to the reduction of the production of solid waste rather than its proper disposal and recycle.