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How much does an RFID Readers Cost?

A reader will usually be the most expensive component in an RFID system. RFID readers can vary from around $20 to $3,000 or more depending on the features and capabilities required. One of the less-expensive classes of readers is USB readers, which has an average price point of around $400. USB reader generally have short read ranges and are used for desktop applications. Handheld readers and fixed readers vary greatly in pricing depending on features and functionality offered.

How to Select an RFID Reader

Here is the question you need to thinking and tell your RFID supplier or manufacture:

What kind of stuff you want to manage?

What is your management purpose?

How much read range do you require for your application?

Any excessive environmental conditions to consider? Excessive heat, cold, moisture, impact, etc.?

Will you be adding the reader to a network?

Where will the reader be placed? Fixed location, or on a vehicle?

Does the reader need to be mobile?

How many read points/read zones will you need?

How many tags might need to be read at one time?

How quickly will the tags be moving through the read zone? For example, is this a slow-moving conveyor belt or fast-moving race?


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