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Electronic Ink Displays And RFID

Advantages of Batteryless NFC Visual E-ink EPD Tag

1.Passive tags, no battery life limit.
2.E-ink paper, ultra-low power consumption, saving and environmental protection.
3.Waterproof, anti-collision and dustproof.
4.Support OTA firmware upgrade.
5.Support picture storage.
6.Comply with ISO14443-A communication protocol. Removable shell protective cover and lanyard hole.

Empower the digitization and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, and help enterprises to better improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Replacing the traditional manual process flow card, the NFC visual electronic ink tag is used as the unique identification and a work order in a unified format is generated, which realizes paperless information transmission and production process traceability. Enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.
A Use NFC visual e-ink tags to display the current job process and the next process.
B Record the completed process, and intelligently store and effectively trace each process.
C Realize intelligent management for the reading operation part in the final inspection process.

Material intelligent scheduling

NFC Visual E-ink tags are installed on the transport vehicles for transporting materials to replace paper tags, realize visual informatization of material management, and facilitate the tracking and control of materials. According to the display information of the NFC Visual E-ink tags, the accuracy of the material of the transport vehicle is quickly and accurately verified, the information is updated wirelessly, the efficiency is improved, and the human error is reduced.

Warehouse visual management

a Applied to warehousing scenarios, it can wirelessly update the inventory of goods, reduce manual alterations, and improve accuracy and personnel efficiency.
b Visual management, materials at a glance. It is easier to save and trace.
c In addition to being able to be reused to meet environmental protection requirements, it can also be equipped with a security system after being embedded in the identification system to strengthen the management of material in and out.
d After the end of use (after the end of handling), the single label information can be deleted simply and quickly, eliminating the tedious process of disposal and eliminating the risk of information leakage. Data can be saved and managed even after the displayed contents are deleted.


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