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What is an RFID printer?

What Does RFID Printer Mean? An RFID printer is a printer that creates RFID smart labels. These labels use radio frequency technology to transmit information through user systems. These printers add specific digital functionality to images by embedding RFID labels into different types of print formats.

In many cases, RFID printers apply RFID technology to barcodes so that, as a result, while moving through a shipping or manufacturing process, either an RFID reader or a barcode reader can interpret the results.

Conventional RFID printers use an RFID head to print, using thermal transfer technology. These printers print tags for interpretation through radio wave technologies. An RFID tag includes an integrated circuit and antenna. Smart labels are made of adhesive material with an RFID tag inlay.

RFID Printers are devices that simultaneously print and encode information on RFID inlays or labels. These devices are the only way to print on labels, and they also save time by automating the manual process of encoding each tag.

Why Do We Need RFID Printers?

RFID printers are great tools for businesses looking to provide fast and reliable inventory tracking. RFID tags or labels can be attached to items and help organisations; 

Easily monitor their assets.

Identify where those assets are located.

Track them through the supply chain.

Know when they need maintenance or replacement.

Ensure inventory is accurately maintained. 

Furthermore, as RFID printing technology stores all required information on a single RFID tag, it allows businesses to reduce labour costs as it eliminates the need for repeated manual data entry and data-matching processes. RFID print technology also reduces human errors and increases the accuracy & efficiency of inventory management.


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