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How can Wells Industrail support you?

We will help you understand:

How to get free samples and started ordering RFID equipment

Where your RFID tag or label is going to be placed

How to manage your data to avoid duplication and ensure compliance

Which key milestones are critical to enabling your products with RFID

How to benefit from leveraging RFID technology

What we can provide for you?

1.UHF RFID Reader:

UHF RFID Fixed Reader, UHF RFID Integrated Reader, UHF RFID Industrial Grade Reader ,UHF RFID Desktop Reader, UHF RFID Gate Reader, UHF RFID Handheld Reader, 2.4G Active RFID Reader.

2.RFID Module

 UHF RFID Module , HF RFID Module


UHF RFID Tag, UHF RFID On-metal Tag, UHF RFID Card & Sticker, UHF RFID High-Temp Tag,  UHF RFID Tire Tag, UHF RFID Animal Tag,  UHF RFID Zip Tie & Padlock Tag,  UHF RFID Laundry Tag,  UHF RFID Wristband Tag,  Special UHF RFID Tag,2.4G Active Tag


UHF RFID Antenna 1.5-5 dBi Ceramic Antenna 5-15 dBi Gain Antenna,RFID Antenna Cable 

5.NFC E Ink Display

E ink Card, E ink Dispaly

What is RFID technology used for?

RFID technology is used for many different applications, such as supply chain management, access control, vehicle tracking, textile tracking, inventory tracking, real-time location systems, and event tracking.

What is RFID sensor technology?

RFID sensor technology is a form of wireless communication that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. A common example of an RFID sensor is a credit card that uses RFID technology to transmit data to a reader.

How is RFID used in retail?

The application of RFID helps retailers keep track of inventory and manage loss by tracking potential theft. It can also help locate items in hard-to-find/hard-to-reach areas of the store.

Why is RFID valuable for business?

RFID makes inventory management more seamless, ensuring that staffers don’t have to work late hours counting products to keep track of stock. It’s also helpful for monitoring theft and product loss.