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Vehicle Access Management & Motorcycle Position Managemeng

Vehicle Access Management

Nowadays, cars are very important in our day life. everyone needs to use the car to go out. That makes the management of car access has becoming very important. vihicle management give us a neat, comfortable and safe environment, The good managemant will make our life convenient and beautiful

RFID intelligent vehicle management system is integrated with RFID technology, computer management technology and automation control in one of the modern vehicle intelligent management system, the system can meet the modern vehicle management requirements about information, automation and intelligent. System architecture is shown as below.

The system communicates with the RFID Reader through the PC, reads the information of the vehicle RFID card (RFID tag), and then verifies the legal identity of the vehicle.

System Features

1. To achieve vehicle passed quickly;

2. Improve service quality;

3. High adaptability and safety;

4. Functional and practical, easy to operate and reduce costs;

5. Automatic barrier, easy access;

6. Make reader encrypted and then authorized the tags, which will more secure; anti-borrow card and copy card.

This RFID System Advantages

1. 6000 V high-voltage industrial lightning protection;

2. The arctic areas can add low temperature treatment;

3. Can be customized WIFI, RJ45, RS485, GPRS and other different means of communication;

4. Production recommend: JT-8280 Middle range RFID reader  or JT-8290 long range UHF RFID reader

Motorcycle Position Managemeng

The RFID system can regulate the parking of shared electric vehicles, strengthen the supervision and management of shared electric vehicles, that will reduce the management cost of operation and maintenance. Also can promote the orderly parking of shared electric bicycles, and avoid problems caused by disorderly parking of vehicles. To this end, the management scheme of RFID radio frequency identification technology adopted by Wells Industrail can effectively solve problems such as electric vehicle parking management.