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Active RFID and Passive RFID

There are two types of RFID that reside within the Ultra High Frequency range: Active RFID and Passive RFID.

Active RFID

Primary Frequency Range: 433 MHz, (Can use 2.45 GHz – under the Extremely High Frequency Range

Read Range: 30 – 100+ Meters

Applications: Vehicle Tracking, Auto Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Asset Tracking

Pros: Very Long Read Range, Lower Infrastructure Cost (vs. Passive RFID), Large Memory Capacity, High Data Transmission Rates

Cons: High Per Tag Cost, Shipping Restrictions (due to batteries), Complex Software may be Required, High Interference from Metal and Liquids; Few Global Standards

Passive RFID

Primary Frequency Ranges: 860 – 960 MHz

Read Range: Near Contact – 25 Meters

Average Cost Per Tag: $0.09 – $20.00

Applications: Supply Chain Tracking, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Electronic Tolling, Inventory Tracking, Race Timing, Asset Tracking

Pros: Long Read Range, Low Cost Per Tag, Wide Variety of Tag Sizes and Shapes, Global Standards, High Data Transmission Rates

Cons: High Equipment Costs, Moderate Memory Capacity, High Interference from Metal and Liquids


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