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UHF RFID 8/16 Port Fixed Reader

This UHF RFID Reader is designed to increase inventory visibility, efficiency and business profitability. Supporting a global frequency range of 860MHz – 960MHz, It is capable of reading and writing all tags that conform to the EPC Global Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standards.Based on Impinj R2000 platform development.

Antenna:16 SMA female antenna connector
Air Protocol:EPC global Gen2(ISO18000-6C)
Working frequency:865-868 / 920-925 / 902-928 MHz ( custom-design for frequency band )
RFID chip:TM600
RF power:0~32 dBm(±1dBm) (adjustable)


  • Patent design, independent intellectual property rights;
  • 8/16 channels of RF channels superior to the industry level;
  • Based on the TM600 platform;
  • Support RSSI value detection;
  • Adopt standard API interface, provide DEMO and source code, support VC, CS, JAVA and other development routines;
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