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Industrial Grade UHF RFID Reader W-7100


Antenna:3dBi circularly polarized antenna (built-in)
Power supply:DC 9~36V/1A;Industrial grade wide voltage
Air Protocol: EPC global Gen2(ISO18000-6C)
Working frequency:865-868 / 920-925 / 902-928 MHz ( custom-design for frequency band )
RFID chip: MagicRF M100 chip
RF power:12~26 dBm(±1dBm) (adjustable)
Reading distance: Up to 2m(relate to tag and environment)
Operating Temp:-40 ℃ to 75 ℃
Storage Temp: -45 ℃ to 80℃
Humidity:5-90% non-condensing (+25° C )
SDK (download link): C# , Java , C++
W-7100A: RS232 W-M7100C: RS485 MODBUS RTU
W-7100B: TCP/IP(PoE optional) W-P7100B: Profinet TCP/IP
W-7100C : RS485 W-C7100 : CAN BUS 2.0
W-M7100B: MODBUS TCP/IP Work mode: Master-slave,timing,trigger mode
Industrial lightning protection: 6000V high voltage lightning protection


Industrial grade UHF RFID Reader W-7100 with the waterproof grade of IP65/IP67, can read 0-20 tags group one time within the distances of 0-2m, and support Modbus/ Profinet protocol.

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